You can make/take payments to/from the accounts of multiple payees in a single transaction by using the Multi Payment / Direct Debit feature of Internet Banking.

If you make/take payments to/from the same group of payees regularly then Multi Payment / Direct Debit templates enable you to save this group and reuse this set of details again in the future.

If you are making/taking payments where the majority of payees/payers are the same, you can also copy an existing Multi Payment / Direct Debit or template as a base and then add, edit or delete the payees/payers as required to build a new payment or template.

The Batch Payment details screen is used to create and edit both Multi Payments / Direct Debits and Multi Payment / Direct Debit templates in Internet Banking.

To create new Multi Payment / Direct Debit or template:

  1. Click on the Multi Payments menu option available at the top of screen.
  2. Click the tab that is relevant to the type of payment / template you wish to create. This could be:
    1. Multi Payments
    2. Multi Payment Templates
    3. Direct Debits
    4. Direct Debit Templates
  3. Select the New Multi Payment / New Direct Debit / New Multi Payment Template / New Direct Debit Template button. Please Note: If you want to base your new payment or template on one that already exists, click on the description of the existing payment or template and then click on the Copy button displayed on the line below the description.
  4. The Batch Payment details screen will appear.
  5. Type a Description for your payment/template and then choose the appropriate payees/payers.
  6. Click on Process Multi Payment / Process Direct Debit / Save Template and Close to proceed or save the details.

Actions available:

Note - the actions available from this screen will vary depending on your user profile and the status of your payment/template:

Button Action
Process Multi Payment/Direct Debit Confirm the payment details and continue with the payment
Save and Return/Close Save the payment/template and return to the Multi Payments screen without adding any payees/payers
Add Payee/Payer To remain in this template and add further payees/payers to the Multi Payment/Direct Debit template
Cancel Cancel the payment/template creation and return to the previous screen

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