The Confirm Multi Payment/Direct Debits Instructions screen will be shown after the Continue button is clicked on the Batch Payment details screen.

This screen provides you with an opportunity to review your payment instructions, including a full list of individual payee/payer details, before the payment is scheduled for processing.

Please check you payment details carefully before proceeding.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the account details you provide are correct or your payment may be unsuccessful or may be paid/requested to/from an unintended account.

BOQ does not check that the details you provide are correct (i.e. name and account number match), and relies solely on the account number details provided to process your transaction.

Token authentication:

Some Internet Banking payments may require an authentication code from a BOQ Security Token before the payment can be processed. Only customers with a high value daily limits package will require the use of a token.
The Confirm Multi Payment/Direct Debits Instructions screen in Internet Banking will provide step by step instructions on how to generate and enter the authentication code.

Actions available:

Button Action
Continue Submit the Multi Payment/Direct Debits for processing, or if required by your profile, submit this payment for authorisation
Change Return to the Process Multi Payment/Direct Debits screen and change the details - if the details of an individual payee are incorrect you will need to Cancel this payment
Cancel Return to the Multi Payments screen - this payment will remain as an active Multi Payment/Direct Debit, but will not be submitted for processing at this time

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