The Payments File Upload Facility enables you to send us instructions in a payments file for transactions to be performed from accounts registered for Internet Banking. You will need to register to use this feature before you can upload payments files. 

To upload a payments file:

First create a payments file using your accounting package (e.g. MYOB). The payments file will contain one or more credits/debits to accounts at either BOQ or other Australian financial institutions.  

To upload the payments file and send it to us for processing, complete the following steps: 

  1. Click the Multi Payments menu item.
  2. Click Payments File Upload - this button will only display if you have registered for this service.
  3. Select the APCA Number that relates to the file you are uploading - this number is allocated to you when you register. If you have been allocated more than one APCA Number, please ensure you use the APCA Number that relates to the payments file you are uploading. 
  4. Enter the Number Of Debits contained in the file you are uploading.
  5. Enter the Value Of Debits contained in the file you are uploading.
  6. Enter the Number Of Credits contained in the file you are uploading.
  7. Enter the Value Of Credits contained in the file you are uploading.
  8. Enter the Contact Name - this is the person who can assist us to resolve any problems we encounter with this file.
  9. Enter a contact Phone number to enable us to quickly resolve any problems.
  10. Click Choose File - to select the file from your computer’s directories or enter the file name and path. 

When selected, the file name and path (ie. where the payments file is located on your computer) of the payments file you wish to upload will display in this field.

Actions available:

Button Action 
Upload  Upload your payments file
Cancel  Return to the previous screen

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