Your BPAY® Billers list allows you to keep a list of those billers you make payments to on a regular basis.

When you complete a new BPAY transaction you will be able to select the required biller from this list and their details, e.g. biller code, name etc, will be added to the BPAY Details screen automatically instead of having to enter them manually.

To add a new frequent biller:

  1. Select Add Biller on the BPAY Billers tab
  2. The Add Frequent Biller screen will display
  3. Add a new biller to your biller list by entering the following details:

Biller Code - this should appear on your bill near the BPAY logo.

Biller Name - clicking the Show Biller button will verify the Biller Code and display the name of the biller corresponding to the code entered.

Personalised Biller Name - You can enter a personalised name for the biller. If you do, this will be displayed on all screens where the biller name is shown. If you don't enter a personalised name, then the biller's name will display as defined by BPAY.

Customer Reference Number - this should appear on your bill near the BPAY logo. 

Actions available:

 Button name Button action   
Add Add the details entered for this biller to your BPAY Billers list  
Cancel Cancel adding the biller and return to the previous screen.  

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