The Edit Frequent Biller Details screen appears after the Edit button has been clicked for a biller on your BPAY® Billers list. It will be populated with the current details of the biller selected from your biller list. 

To edit an existing frequent biller:

You can change the following details about your frequent billers: 

  • Personalised Biller Name - a name you select to help identify the biller.
  • For some billers, the Customer Reference Number

The personalised biller name will be displayed on all screens where the biller name is shown. If you remove the personalised name by clearing the field, then the biller's name will display as defined by BPAY. 

Please Note: Changing the biller information will not affect any future-dated payments that you have set up to that biller. You will need to delete those payments and recreate them if you want the changes to apply to them. 

Actions available:

Button Action 
Update Update the details for this biller and return to the BPAY Billers tab
Cancel Cancel any changes made to this biller and return to the BPAY Billers tab

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