To receive your bills from via BPAY View® you must first register with that biller so that they can authenticate you.

The registration process may vary between billers. Some will require only your name, others will ask for your customer reference number and billing account number. Have your paper bill ready so you can provide the information requested regarding your current billing arrangements.

It can take up to two working days for the biller to process your registration request. When the registration for each biller is approved, you will:

  • see that the status of this biller has changed to Active on the BPAY® Billers tab
  • start receiving your bills online from the next billing cycle 

If for any reason the biller denies your registration request, you will need to follow this up with the individual biller concerned.

For more detailed information on BPAY View registrations you should consult the BPAY web site.

To register with a BPAY View biller:

  1. Ensure the biller is in your BPAY Billers list on the Transfers & BPAY screen. The status of this biller will be Unavailable until reconciliation with BPAY is complete, then it will change to 'Unregistered'. The reconciliation is done daily.
  2. Click on the name of the biller and select Register.
  3. The Authentication Requested by Biller screen will display.
  4. Enter the details as requested on the screen - this will vary from biller to biller.

Actions available:

Button Action 
OK Continue and complete the registration process with this biller
Cancel Stop the registration with this biller and return to the previous screen

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