To make a BPAY payment:

  1. Click Pay Bill (BPAY®) on the Transfers & BPAY screen.
  2. The Enter BPAY Details screen will display.
  3. Select the From Account from the drop down box – this is the account your BPAY payment will be made from. 
  4. Select the Biller you wish to pay from the drop down box (if any exist) or leave this field empty and enter the details of a new biller in the fields below. If you choose an existing biller, the details will appear in the Biller Code, Biller Name and Customer Reference fields and you can skip to step 9. 
  5. Type in the Biller Code – this should appear on your bill near the BPAY logo.
  6. Click Show Biller Name to verify that the Biller Code you have entered is correct and displays the name of the biller you wish to pay. 
  7. Enter the Customer Reference Number – it should appear on your bill near the BPAY logo under the Biller Code.
  8. If you wish to add this biller to your frequent biller list, click the Add to Frequent Biller List checkbox. If there is already a biller in your frequently used biller list with the same Biller Code and Customer Reference Number, it will be considered a duplicate and not saved again.
  9. Enter the Payment Amount – this is the amount to be paid to the biller.  It should be entered in the format $$$.cc. 
  10. Select the Payment Frequency – this field will default to a payment frequency of Once Only. Payments can be scheduled to occur on a regular basis by selecting the required frequency from the drop down box. The transfer frequency can be Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Annually, Four Weekly or Two Monthly. 
  11. The Payment Date will default to the current date. If you wish the bill payment to be processed today, leave the Payment Date as it is. To make a payment later, choose a future date.
  12. If you wish to be sent an SMS notification when this payment is processed, click the Request SMS Alert checkbox. This check box will only display if you have activated SMS services. You can activate SMS alerts and enquiries by choosing the SMS option under the More menu at the top of the screen. 

Actions available:

Button Action 
Continue  Confirm the BPAY details entered and continue with the payment
Cancel  Cancel the current payment and return to the previous screen

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