BPAY View® is a facility that enables you to view receive your bills online via Internet Banking.
Once received, you can view a summary of each bill or download the full bill. You can choose to pay the bill immediately or schedule payment for a future date. You can also view historical bills and their status.
You will be notified by email when a new bill is available in Internet Banking. You will also receive a notification of new bills in the notifications area on the Home screen when you log on to Internet Banking.

BPAY View Bills

If you are registered to receive bills using BPAY View, any bills which are due will be listed on the BPAY View Bills tab, with unpaid bills at the top.
The following details will be displayed:

  • Biller - the biller name
  • Code - the biller code
  • Bill ID - the unique ID number for the individual bill
  • Date Due - the due date for payment of this bill
  • Amount - the payment required for this bill
  • Status - payment requested, unpaid or paid offline

Actions Available:

Button name Button action
View Details View a Summary of the bill
Pay Pay the bill via the Enter BPAY Details page.
Note: If the biller has deemed it mandatory for you to view the bill first the Pay button will not display until you have viewed the bill.
Paid Offline Record that this bill has been paid offline
Delete Delete this bill from the BPAY View Bills screen

Changing the list size: 

You can increase or decrease the number of bills or billers displayed using the ‘Change list size’ field to the top right of the list:

  1. Enter the number of items you wish to display per screen.
  2. Press the Go button.
  3. The size of list being viewed on this page will change to this value.

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