This screen is used to enter the personal details of an additional cardholder. The entitlements of an additional cardholder will be the same as that of the primary cardholder.

To add the details of an additional cardholder:

  1. Select the Card Type for the additional cardholder. Note: this does not determine the entitlements of the additional cardholder and is only related to the design.
  2. Enter the additional cardholder's Personal Details, this includes their Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Driver's Licence (if yes then also provide the licence number). Note: the cardholder's name is limited to 19 characters so their full name may not appear on the card.
  3. Electronic Banking Password, Memorable Address and Memorable Date are required if the additional cardholder needs to contact the Customer Contact Centre. Note: this information should be communicated to the additional cardholder in a secure manner.
  4. Enter the additional cardholder's Residential Address. Note: a PO Box is not able to be provided in this area.
  5. Provide the Time Spent at Address for the amount of time the additional cardholder has been at the residential address provided.
  6. Provide the Home Phone Number of the additional cardholder's residential address. If applicable ensure that the valid area code is provided.
  7. Provide the additional cardholder's Mobile Phone Number.
  8. Enter the additional cardholder's Email Address.
  9. Additional information can be provided via Other Details. If the additional cardholder is already a BOQ customer then they can provide Customer Access and Account Numbers. Access to Internet Banking, Easyphone Banking and Rewards can also be granted in this area as well. Note: If the additional cardholder requires access to Easyphone Banking and does not already have access to this then the Caller Line Identifier (the fixed single line to call from initially) and Challenge Number (used to confirm customer on the initial call) will need to be provided.
  10. The Linked Accounts option provides the customer the opportunity to provide access to a Savings and Cheque account on the additional cardholder's card. 

Actions available:

Button Action
Continue Proceed to the Additional Cardholder Terms and Conditions screen.
Cancel This will return you to the 'Manage your credit card' screen for your nominated card.

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