The Users screen in Internet Banking provides access to features that let you delegate access to your Internet Banking profile to one or more people. The access level provided to each Delegated User, and to each of your accounts, can be fully customised by you. 

This feature could be used to:

  • give your accountant access to view accounts
  • give a friend temporary access to pay your bills while you are on holidays
  • give payroll staff access to process wages files 

There are two main areas on the Users screen: 


  • Users

    On the Users tab is the existing Delegated Users list. This list shows the Delegated Users that have been created on your Internet Banking profile. 

    The following information is provided about each of your Delegated Users:

    • User ID - used in conjunction with the Customer Access Number (CAN), and the Delegated User’s Personal Access Code (PAC) to identify the Delegated User when they log on
    • Name - name you give this Delegated User to identify them
    • Status - current status for this Delegated User. Status can be PAC Not Set, Active, Access Blocked or PAC Stopped
    • From - date that access to Internet Banking will start for this Delegated User
    • To - date that access to Internet Banking will cease for this Delegated User

    Actions available:

    Button Action 
    Edit  Make changes to the access rights and the transaction limits of this Delegated User
    Delete  Remove this Delegated User from your Internet Banking profile
    Set PAC Set an initial Personal Access Code (PAC) when a new Delegated User is created
    Reset PAC Update the Personal Access Code (PAC) for this Delegated User
    Block Access Temporarily remove access for this Delegated User, but keep their profile
    Unblock Access Reinstate access for this Delegated User
    Stop PAC Cancel the PAC for this Delegated User, but keep their other profile details
    Review View a session summary for this Delegated User, including dates, length of session and any transactions made
  • Access Level Templates

    Next to the Users tab is the Access Level Templates tab. This list provides a summary of any Access Level Templates you have created.

    Templates are useful if you have multiple Delegated Users with the same access rights. When creating each Delegated User, the template lets you set their access rights quickly and easily according to this preset profile. 

    The following information is provided about each Delegated User Access Level Template:

    • Template name - used to help you identify each of your templates
    • Created - the date each template was created

    Actions available:

    Button Action 
    Edit Make changes to the Access Level Template
    Delete Remove this Access Level Template from your Internet Banking profile


Changing the list size: 

You can increase or decrease the number of items displayed on either of these lists using the ‘Change list size’ field to the top right of the list: 

  1. Enter the number of items you wish to display per screen.
  2. Click Go.
  3. The size of list being viewed on this page will change to this value.

Actions available:

Button Action 
Add New Delegated User  Open the New Delegated User screen and create a new User
Add New Access Level Template  Open the Add Access Level screen and create a new user access template