The eStatement List screen appears when eStatements is selected from the Other Services screen. From this screen you can search for eStatements for any of your registered accounts (excluding Credit Cards) by date range.


  • How to search for an eStatement
    1. Select the relevant account from the drop down box at the top of the eStatement List screen.
    2. The Account Name will appear below the drop down box. 
    3. Click More to view additional account details.
    4. Select the desired Date Range. You can select either a predefined time period from the drop down box, or specify the exact dates that you wish to use. The full set of options available are:
      1. The last fortnight
      2. The last month
      3. The last 3 months
      4. The last 6 months
      5. The last year
      6. The last 2 years
      7. The last 3 years
      8. For a specified range
    5. If you select For a specified range, you will need to enter a Start Date and End Date into the corresponding date fields. If you have selected a predefined date range, these fields will be automatically populated and you will not be able to change the defined dates.
    6. Click Search.
  • How to view an eStatement
    1. After completing the steps to search for an eStatement, click the Description of the desired statement.
    2. Click Download.


Changing the list size

You can increase or decrease the number of eStatements displayed in the eStatement Search with the Change List Size field to the top right of the eStatement list:

  1. Enter the number of eStatements you wish to display per screen.
  2. Click Go.
  3. The size of the list being viewed on this page and any previous or next pages will change to this value.

For example, if 20 eStatements are listed and then the list size is changed to 10, only 10 are shown and the other 10 are moved to the next page.

Actions available:

Button Action 
Search Search for eStatements that match your search criteria
Download Download the eStatement you have selected
Prev Retrieve the previous page of eStatements from you search and display them
Next Retrieve the next page of eStatements from your search and display them

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