The Enter Payment Details screen appears after you press the Transfer Money button on the Transfers & BPAY menu.  It enables you to transfer funds between your registered Internet Banking accounts.

To transfer funds:

  1. Select From Account - select which account you wish to make the payment from using the drop down selection box. 
  2. Select To Account - select which account you wish to make the payment to from the drop down selection box. 
  3. Enter the Payment Amount – type in the dollar and cents value of the transfer using the format $$$.cc. 
  4. Enter Payment Date – this field will be pre-populated with today’s date.  If you wish to make a payment on a future date, type in the date using the format dd/mm/yyyy. 
  5. Select Payment Frequency – this field will default to a transfer frequency of ‘Once Only’. Transfers can also be scheduled to recur on a regular basis by selecting the required frequency from the drop down selection box.  The transfer frequency can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually, four weekly or two monthly. 
  6. Check Subscribe SMS Notification if required – you will need to have SMS alerts set up on this account to utilise this feature.  You can configure your accounts for SMS alerts and enquiries using the SMS settings option on the SMS menu.

From time to time the From or To account you select may be temporarily unavailable.  If this occurs the word 'Unavailable' will be displayed in place of your available funds.  We suggest that you try the Internet Banking service at a later time to carry out your transfer. 

If your transfer is made from a credit card it will be treated as a cash advance. As a result fees and charges may be incurred against the card including interest charges from the date of the cash advance. 

Transfers from eligible Home Loan Accounts are regarded as redraws. Please note that loans are processed on a monthly basis. If you make your repayments on a weekly or fortnightly basis, those payments made each week or fortnight before the monthly due date of your loan will appear to be amounts available for redraw. You must take this into consideration when redrawing funds from your loan account and must ensure that you leave sufficient funds in your loan account to meet your next minimum monthly repayment.


Actions available:

Button Action 
Contiue  To confirm the details entered and proceed with the funds transfer
Cancel  To cancel the current transfer and return to the Transfers & BPAY menu

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