The International menu provides access for you to complete International Payments, use the Foreign Exchange Calculator and view the history of your previous International Payments and current International beneficiaries. 

An International Payment is a payment to a beneficiary's bank account with a foreign financial institution using a real-time foreign currency exchange rate.  

The main functions on the screen are:

History tab

The History tab displays a list of your previous International Payments made from your registered accounts. 

This table displays the following information: 

Beneficiary Name – personalised name that you have defined for the recipient of the funds 

Payment Date – the date the payment was debited from your account 

Country – the country where the beneficiary’s account is located 

Amount – the AUD amount debited from your account 

Foreign Amount – the amount received by the beneficiary in the currency of the beneficiary’s account 

From Account – the account that the payment was debited from


By clicking on the name of the beneficiary (under the "To" Column) the following actions are available:

Button Action 
Copy  To create a new International Payment using the beneficiary details of this previous International Payment
View  This opens in view-only the International Payment Receipt screen to show the payment’s detailed receipt 

Action available:

Button Action 
New International Payment  To create a new International Payment using either an existing beneficiary or a new beneficiary
FX Calculator  To open the Foreign Exchange calculator screen
Beneficiaries  Displays a table of previous beneficiaries used

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