The Please confirm your International/RTGS Payment instructions screen will be shown after the Continue button is clicked on the Enter International/RTGS Payment Details screen.

This screen provides you with an opportunity to review your International/RTGS Payment instructions before the payment is processed.

Please check your payment details carefully before proceeding.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the beneficiary/RTGS payee details you provide are correct or your payment may be unsuccessful or may be paid to an unintended account.

BOQ does not check that the beneficiary/RTGS payee details you provide are correct (i.e. beneficiary/RTGS payee name, National Code and Account Identifier/Account Number match), and relies solely on the beneficiary/RTGS payee details provided to process your transaction.

All International/RTGS Payments require an authentication code from a BOQ Security Token before the payment can be processed. If you do not already have a BOQ Security Token you will need to obtain one and have it assigned to your Internet Banking profile. The Please Confirm your International/RTGS Payment Instructions screen will provide step by step instructions on how to generate and enter the authentication code.

Actions available:

Button Action
Continue Confirm the International/RTGS Payment details entered and proceed with the payment
Change Return you to the previous screen to edit the International/RTGS Payment details
Cancel Cancel the current International/RTGS Payment altogether and return to the International Payments or the Transfer & BPAY® screen

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