The Account Registration screen displays after the you click on the Register button on the Registration Required screen. You can also access this screen by selecting an Unregistered Account when attempting to complete a Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) payment or International Payment.

From the list of your eligible accounts please select the account(s) you wish to register for International and RTGS Payments by clicking the checkbox for the required account(s). After you have selected the account(s) you wish to register click the Submit button.

After you click on Submit button you will be sent a secure mail as confirmation of your registration request. This account registration request will be processed within 2 business days.

Please note: The following accounts cannot be registered for International or RTGS Payments: 

  • loan accounts
  • trust accounts
  • credit cards
  • term deposits
  • any account(s) that has fees redirected to another account

To complete an International or RTGS Payment you will be required to generate an authentication code from a BOQ Security Token. If you do not already have a BOQ Security Token you will need to get a BOQ Security Token assigned to your Internet Banking profile. The Please Confirm your International/RTGS Payment Instructions screen will provide step by step instructions on how to generate and enter the required authentication code.

Actions available:

Button  Action 
Submit To submit your request for your selected accounts to be registered for International and RTGS Payments
Cancel To return you to the previous screen without submitting the registration request

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