The Home Screen will appear after you have successfully logged on. It shows you information about each account you have registered for Internet Banking access.

There are three main functions or areas on this screen:


  • Accounts

    The Accounts table shows the following details about your accounts:

    • the Quick Access Number (QAN) if assigned
    • the Account Number
    • the Account Name
    • the (current) Balance
    • the Available (balance)
  • Pending Payments

    The pending payments area shows you any future dated payments that you have set up. It provides details on the payee, date, amount and the available balance of the account that the payment will be debited from.

    If you have more than 5 payments, you can change the list size using the dropdown box to the top right of this table to view more payments.

    Full details of any payments displayed in the Pending Payments area can be accessed from the Pending tab (Transfers & BPAY® screen) of Internet Banking.

    Please Note: This area will only show if there are pending payments. If not this table will not appear.

  • Alerts & Inbox

    The Alerts & Inbox area to the right of the Accounts area tells you:

    • the number of unread secure mail messages you have
    • the number of new BPAY View® bills that have arrived since you last logged on
    • the number of pending authorisations you have (if your Internet Banking profile dictates a need for multiple authorisations)

    You can access the content specific to each alert by clicking the alert.


    Actions available:

    Button Action
    Pay Bill Go to the Enter BPAY Details screen
    Transfer Money Go to the Enter Payment Details screen
    View Recent Transactions Go to the Account Details screen
    eStatements Go to the eStatement List screen to view your eStatements
    BOQ Money Go to BOQ Money

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