The Change Daily Limits screen appears after the Change Daily Limit button is selected on the Transfers & BPAY® screen.

Your current limits package will be highlighted in yellow.

To change your Daily Limits Package:

  1. Click Transfers & BPAY in the top menu.
  2. Click Change Daily Limit - the Change Daily Limits screen will display.
  3. Click the desired Limits Package and then click Select.

Token authentication:

Please Note: Some changes to your Daily Limits Package may result in the need for additional authentication using the BOQ Security Token for Internet Banking value transactions where funds are being transferred outside of BOQ.

Any decrease to your limits package where you decrease your daily limit to a limit which does not require the use of a token will need to be authenticated by entering a One Time Password generated by Application #1 on your token.

If your new Limits Package requires additional authentication, you must obtain a BOQ Security Token if you do not already have one.

Actions available:

Button Action
Select Select the new Daily Limits Package you require
Cancel Return to the previous screen

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