The Confirm Daily Limits Change screen appears after the Select button has been pressed on the Change Daily Limits screen.

Your current Daily Limits Package will be presented on the top row. The new limits package you have selected will be presented on the second row.

Any decrease to your package will be effective immediately. An increase requested online will be applied automatically after 2 calendar days.

Customers should note that some changes to their Daily Limits Package may result in the need for additional authentication using the BOQ Security Token on Internet Banking value transactions where funds are being transferred outside of BOQ.

If your new Daily Limits Package requires additional authentication, you must obtain a BOQ Security Token if you do not already have one.

Actions available:

Button Action
Continue Proceed with the change to your Daily Limit
Change Return to the Change Daily Limits screen and select a different limits package
Cancel Cancel any changes and return to the Transfers & BPAY® screen

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