The Daily Limits Change Requested screen appears after the Continue button has been clicked on the Confirm Daily Limits Change screen.

It confirms that a change to your Daily Limits Package has been requested and provides details of that request.

Your Limit Change request will also be displayed in the Pending tab on the Transfers & BPAY® menu. Until the change has been processed this will display with a status of Pending.

Any decrease to your limits package, where the new limits package does not require the use of a token, will need to be authenticated by entering a One Time Password generated by Application #1 from your BOQ security token. This limit decrease is effective immediately.

Any increase that is requested via Internet Banking will be applied automatically after 2 days. Requests made in person at a BOQ Branch will be effective immediately.

Please Note: Some changes to your Daily Limits Package may result in the need for additional authentication using a BOQ Security Token for Internet Banking value transactions where funds are being transferred outside of BOQ.

If your new Daily Limits Package requires additional authentication, you must obtain a BOQ Security Token if you do not already have one.

Actions available:

Button Action
Transfers & BPAY Return to the Transfers & BPAY screen 
Print Print a copy of this request

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