Below are some of the common problems that you may encounter when using the BPAY® service and creating frequent billers, as well as some simple steps to correct them:


  • Insufficient funds

    If sufficient cleared funds are not available in your from account on the day your BPAY payment is scheduled for, the BPAY payment will not be able to be processed.

    The amount of available funds is displayed in the Accounts table on the Home screen, and next to the account name and number in the drop down box on the BPAY Details screen.

  • Account unavailable

    From time to time the From account you select may be temporarily unavailable. If this occurs, the word Unavailable will be displayed in place of your Available Funds. We suggest that you try Internet Banking at a later time to carry out your payment. 

  • Credit card payment not accepted

    Some Billers do not accept credit card payments for bills. If you wish to pay a bill using your credit card and the Biller does not accept credit card payments you can choose to have the bill payment treated as a cash advance.

    Please Note: If you choose to proceed, fees and charges may be incurred against the card including interest charges from the date of the cash advance.

  • Incorrect Biller Code

    Make sure the biller code matches the one on your bill. Clicking Show Biller Name on the Add Frequent Biller Screen will help to verify this.

  • Incorrect Customer Reference Number

    Make sure the customer reference number entered matches the one on your bill. The biller uses this number to identify your payment. If this is incorrect your payment will most likely still be processed, but may not be credited to your account with that biller.

  • Daily BPAY limit exceeded

    When you register for Internet Banking you will be asked to choose a Daily Limits Package. This Limits Package will define the daily transaction amount limit for the Pay Anyone Payments (including Multi Payments) and BPAY Payments you make via Internet Banking.
    You can update your Limits Package online at any time. Any decrease to your limits package will be effective immediately. If requested online, an increase will be applied automatically after 2 calendar days. This 2 day delay is a security requirement.

  • Payment amount entered in the wrong format

    The transfer amount must be entered in numbers only, and include a decimal point (.). The correct format is 99999999999.99

  • Personalised biller name is not unique

    Each Personalised Biller name must be unique. Select a new name for this biller or edit the existing biller to make their name available for another record.