To stop receiving a bill via BPAY View® and return to receiving paper bills you will need to deregister the relevant BPAY View biller.

It will take up to two working days for the biller to process your request. Any outstanding bills from this biller that you have set to be automatically paid will not be paid.

Deregistration only changes the way you receive your bills. You can still continue to pay your paper bills online using the BPAY® function.

To deregister a BPAY View biller:

  1. Locate the biller in your BPAY Billers list on the Transfers & BPAY screen.
  2. Click name of the biller.
  3. Click Deregister. The status of this biller will change to Pending until a reconciliation with BPAY is completed. When this is complete it will change to Unregistered.

Actions available:

Button Action
OK  Complete the deregistration process with this biller
Cancel  Stop the deregistration for this biller and return to the previous screen

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