Below are some of the common problems that you may encounter when using the BPAY View® service and creating frequent billers, as well as some simple steps to correct them:


  • Not registered with this biller

    To receive your bills via BPAY® you must first register with the biller so that they can authenticate you. To start the registration process, on the Billers tab click the name of the Biller and then click Register.

    Each biller determines how much information you are required to enter and as a result the registration process may vary between billers. It can take up to two working days for the biller to process your registration request.

  • Only a summary of the bill is available

    Some billers may only provide a summary of a bill and not a detailed view. The detailed view may also only be available to you for a limited time.

  • Not all of my bills are visible in my BPAY View Bills list

    There are a number of reasons you may not be able to see all of the bills listed on the BPAY View Bills tab: 

    1. There may be too many bills to display in the space available. Use the scroll bar to the right to move up and down the list, or use the Change list size function to make the default length of the list longer.
    2. Also, while the BPAY View bills list will include both unpaid and paid bills, some Billers remove access to the detailed bill after set periods (note: these periods differ per Biller).
  • Credit card payment not accepted

    Some Billers do not accept credit card payments for bills. If you wish to pay a bill using your credit card and the Biller does not accept credit card payments you can choose to have the bill payment treated as a cash advance.

    Please note that if you choose to proceed fees and charges may be incurred against the card including interest charges from the date of the cash advance.

  • Incorrect biller code

    Make sure the biller code matches the one on your bill. Clicking Show Biller Name will help to verify this.

  • Incorrect customer reference number

    Make sure the customer reference number matches the one on your bill. This is used to identify your payment. If this is incorrect your payment will likely still be processed, but may not be credited to your account with that biller.