The Delegated User feature of Internet Banking enables you to delegate access to your Internet Banking profile to one or more people.

This feature could be used to:

  • give your accountant access to view some of your accounts
  • give your spouse access to view all accounts, but only transact on your joint account
  • give payroll staff access to create transactions, but still require the transaction to be approved before it is processed  

The level of access given to each Delegated User, and to each account, can be fully customised by you.

Please Note: Where the limits assigned to the Delegated User exceed your limits, your limits will override the Delegated User limits.


  • Creating Delegated Users

    A Delegated User is a person established to act on your behalf on one or more of the accounts to which you have access.

    As a BOQ customer registered for Internet Banking, you will be able to delegate access to one or more people. Other authorised parties on the profile, for example, on a joint account can also create Delegated Users. If given permission, even a Delegated User can create further Delegated Users.

    Whichever person creates the Delegated User, they will also set the Delegated User’s Personal Access Code (PAC).

    The Delegated User will not be required to sign an authority or any other registration form as part of their set-up, however if they are given rights to perform value transactions (i.e. a transaction where an amount greater than zero is transferred from a nominated account), they must first satisfy the customer identification requirements at a branch. The new Delegated User will have view only access until the customer identification requirements are met.

  • Levels of User access

    BOQ customers, account Authorisers, or Delegated Users can choose from six levels of access for each account and for each new Delegated User:

    Button Action
    None Prevents the Delegated User from viewing or transacting
    View Allows the Delegated User to view, but not to complete value transactions
    Create Allows the Delegated User to create value transactions however does not allow authorisation of transactions and requests
    Create No View Same access as above however does not have the ability to view balances or previous transactions
    Execute Allows the Delegated User to operate and perform value transactions on linked accounts in the same way that you can.  Execute access also delegates authority to authorise transactions and requests that require multiple authorisations (e.g. multiple signatories on offline accounts)
    Execute No View Same access as above however does not have the ability to view balances or previous transactions