Multi Payment templates enable you to save the details of a group of payees that you pay on a regular basis. A good example of this is a business wages run.  

On occasion you may need to update the details of this payment/template to ensure the payment is made correctly. 

Variations of the Multi Payment/Template Details screen are used to create and edit both Multi Payments and Multi Payment templates in Internet Banking.

To edit Multi Payment/template:

  1. Select the Multi Payments menu option at the top screen.
  2. Click either the Multi Payments tab or the Multi Payment templates tab.
  3. Click the Description of the payment/template and then click Edit button displayed on the line below the description of the payment. If the payment requires additional authorisation and this has not yet occurred, the payment will only be available to view, not to modify.
  4. The Multi Payment Details / Batch Payment Details screen will appear.
  5. Edit the payment/template as required.

You can change the following fields:

  • add new payees
  • modify or delete existing payees
  • override the regular payment to a payee for this multi payment only and enter a new payment amount
  • change the multi payment/template description

Actions available:

Please Note: the actions available from this screen will vary depending on your User profile and the status of your payment/template:

Button Action 
Add New Payee  Open the Add Template Payee screen
Save Template and Close Save the payment/template and return to the previous screen
Cancel Discard the changes to the payment/template and return to the previous screen

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