Below are some of the common problems that you may encounter when using the Multi Payment service, as well as simple steps to correct them:


  • Insufficient funds in the from account

    If sufficient cleared funds are not available in your from account, the Multi Payment will not be able to be processed.

    The amount of available funds is displayed in the account summary table on the Accounts tab, and next to the account name and number in the drop down box on the Multi Payment Details screen.

  • Account unavailable

    From time to time the From account you select may be temporarily unavailable. If this occurs, the word Unavailable will be displayed in the Account drop down box in place of the Available Funds. We suggest that you try again at a later time to carry out your payment.

  • Daily limit exceeded

    When you register for Internet Banking you will be asked to choose a Daily Limits Package. This limit package will define the daily transaction limit for Pay Anyone Payments (including Multi Payments) and BPAY transactions you make via Internet Banking.

    You can change your Limits Package online at any time. Any decrease to your limits package will be effective immediately. An online increase request will be applied automatically after 2 days. This delay is a security precaution.

  • This is a recurring payment, but there’s only one date field

    Multi Payments cannot be scheduled to occur on a regular basis in the way that Pay Anyone Payments or Fund Transfers can. If you have a Multi Payment that occurs on a regular basis, such as a payroll, there are two things that may assist you:

    • Create a Multi Payment Template to store all of your payee details, including the regular payment amount, for future use.
    • Schedule a series of Multi Payments for future dates - this may be useful if you are certain that the payees and amounts will not change from payment to payment, but should be used with caution.