Below are some of the common problems that you may encounter when using the Payments File Upload Facility, as well as simple steps to correct them:


  • Incorrect file format

    All the payments files you upload are required to be in the CEMTEX format (.aba file). Most accounting software packages have the ability to produce at least a credit CEMTEX file (to pay third parties). If you are unsure whether your accounting software has this functionality, please contact your accounting software provider.

  • Incorrect APCA number

    When you register to use Payments File Upload you will be allocated an Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) number.  Make sure you use the APCA number that relates to the payments file you are uploading.

  • Problems with file uploaded

    When you register to use the Payments File Upload Facility you will be asked to nominate a contact to assist us if there are problems with you file. Make sure you provide a valid contact so that we can quickly resolve any problems encountered when processing your payments file.

    Until we resolve all problems that were encountered when we uploaded your payments file, we will be unable to process your file.