The SMS feature allows you to either request specific account information via SMS or to be sent an SMS if a certain action occurs on one of your accounts. This service is available wherever you are and whenever it suits you.

Whether you want to find out your account balance, or view a list of the 5 most recent transactions, you can send an SMS and receive a reply from us with the requested information.

Two types of SMS services are available:


  • SMS Alerts

    SMS Alerts (Account Alerts and BPAY Alerts) notify you of specific transactions and activities as they happen, for example you can be alerted when certain withdrawals are made. This information is sent via SMS to the mobile phone number registered on the Internet Banking profile.

    Once you are registered for SMS services you can choose any or all of the following alerts:

    • alerts for future dated or recurring payments greater than a selected amount
    • alerts for new Secure Mail messages
    • notification of Limit Increase Requests
    • customer block alerts
    • Delegated User alerts
    • various system auto alerts
  • SMS Enquiries

    This service allows you to request account information by SMS, such as an account balance. This information will be sent by SMS so you can keep a closer eye on your money.

    Once you are registered for SMS services you can request the following at any time:

    • current and available balance of a nominated account
    • the last 5 transactions on a nominated account 

    The BOQ SMS  enquiry number is 0427 45 72 72.