Below are some of the common problems that you may encounter when using SMS services, as well as simple steps to correct them:


  • You must have a mobile number registered

    SMS services can only be requested and received by the mobile number that was nominated for your Internet Banking profile when you registered.

    Only one email and mobile number is held for each profile. You can check the current number, if any, in the Personal Details option on the SMS tab. If you wish to change these details please visit a branch.

  • The SMS services option is not activated

    To utilise any SMS services you must first turn on the SMS services feature. To do this, navigate to the SMS tab and select the SMS services option.

  • A Quick Access Number has not been created

    To utilise the SMS alert and enquiry features of Internet Banking, you will need to assign a Quick Access Number (QAN) to each account you want to make SMS enquiries on. This number is used to identify the account when you query the account using SMS, or when BOQ sends you an SMS alert.