The Transfers & BPAY® screen provides access to a range of functions used to transfer funds to your own accounts, BPAY Billers or third parties. Third party payees can be other BOQ customers or payees at another Australian financial institution.

To make payments to multiple payees in the one transaction you should use the functions available through the Multi Payments menu option. 

From this screen you can access many functions however the Pending Payments tab will always appear first after clicking Transfers & BPAY.

Pending Payments

The Pending list displays your future dated payments and the next scheduled payment date for any recurring payments that you have set up.

It displays the following details about your transfers and payments:

  • To - the account being credited/deposited to
  • Date Due - the date the payment will be debited from your account
  • Amount - the amount to be debited from your account
  • From Account - the account that the payment will be debited from
  • Frequency - how often the payment will be debited from the account e.g. Once Only, Weekly, Monthly.
  • Status - shows the state of the pending transaction e.g. if a payment requires additional authorisation this will be displayed under status.

Actions available:

Button  Action 
Delete Delete this payment and stop this transfer of funds from your account
Edit Change the details of a future dated or recurring payment
Request SMS Alert Subscribe to receive SMS notifications about this payment
Cancel SMS Alert Unsubscribe you from receiving SMS notifications about this payment

Changing the size list:

You can increase or decrease the number of items displayed in the payments or payees list with the ‘Change list size’ field to the top right of each list: 

  1. Enter the number of items you wish to display per screen in the Change List Size drop down box.
  2. Click Go.
  3. The size of list being viewed will change to this value. 

For example, if 20 payments/payees are listed and then the list size is changed to 10, only 10 are shown and the other 10 are moved to the next page.

Actions available: 

Button Action 
Transfer Money Open the Enter Payment Details to transfer money to a nominated account
Pay Bill Open the Enter BPAY Details screen
Change Daily Limit  Request a change to your Daily Transaction Limit
RTGS Payment  Open the Enter RTGS Payment Details screen.

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