This screen provides a list of all existing RTGS payees that have been created, and allows you to view further details for each RTGS payee, or use an existing RTGS payee to make a new RTGS Payment. 

An RTGS payee is the person/business who is the recipient of the funds for the RTGS Payment. 

Please note: If an RTGS Payment has been completed with a payee that has not been used before, this payee will not appear on the RTGS Payee tab until the relevant RTGS Payment has been approved by BOQ's processing system.  

The RTGS Payee table displays the following information: 

RTGS Payee Name - personalised name that you have defined for the RTGS payee.

BSB - this number identifies the bank, building society or credit union to which the payment will be made/requested. The BSB needs to be 6 digits long. 

Account Number - the Australian bank account number of the RTGS payee. 

By clicking on the name of the RTGS payee the following actions are available:

Button Action 
Pay Payee Create a new RTGS Payment using the details of this payee 
Delete Delete this RTGS Payee. A pop-up box will display asking to you to confirm whether you would like to delete this RTGS payee.

Changing the list size

You can increase or decrease the number of RTGS payees displayed in the list via the Change List Size drop down box to the top right of the table: 

  1. Select the number of items you wish to display per screen.
  2. Click Go.
  3. The size of list being viewed on this page will change to this value.

Other Actions available:

Button Action 
Transfer Money Make a payment to one of your registered accounts or an account held at another Australian financial institution
Pay Bill Make a BPAY® payment to a new or existing biller
Change Daily Limit Display the Change Daily Limit screen and request a change to your Daily Transaction Limit
RTGS Payment Create a new RTGS Payment using either an existing RTGS payee or a new RTGS payee

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