To use the SMS alert and enquiry features of Internet Banking, you will need to assign each of your accounts a Quick Access Number (QAN). This number is used to identify the account. 

The Quick Access Number screen displays a list of the QANs (if any) that have been allocated to each of your registered accounts. For each account on this list you can clear the QAN. On the bottom of the screen is the facility to select and add a QAN.

To add a quick access number:

  1. Click the SMS menu item under the More option.
  2. Click the Quick Access Number tab.
  3. Select the account you require from the drop down box labelled Select Account.
  4. Type the desired Quick Access Number you wish to use as the QAN for this account - it can be any number less than 100 that you have not already used for another account. 

Changing the list size:

You can increase or decrease the number of QAN details displayed using the Change List Size drop down box to the top right of the list: 

  1. 1. Enter the number of items you wish to display per screen in the drop down box.
  2. Click Go.
  3. The size of list being viewed on the screen will change to this value.

Actions available:

Button Action 
Add  Add the selected account and Quick Access Number to the Defined Account Quick Access Number List
Clear All  Clear the QANs currently allocated to all of your accounts

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