The Enter Transaction Search Criteria screen appears when an account is selected in the Account Details menu.  From this screen you can search any of your registered accounts by one or more criteria, including: 

  • date range
  • transaction type
  • amount range
  • key words

To search transaction history: 

1. Select the relevant account at the top of the Account Details menu 

2. The Transaction Search Criteria screen will open 

3. Select the Date Range.  You can select either a predefined set from the drop down selection box, or specify the exact dates that you wish to see.  The full set of options available are: 

  • for a specified range
  • for the last week
  • for the last fortnight
  • for the last month
  • for the last 3 months
  • for the last 6 months 

If you select to search ‘For a specified range’, you will need to type in a Start Date and End Date into the corresponding date fields.  If you have selected a predefined date range, these fields will be inactive. 

4. You can also choose to limit the scope of your search by selecting More Options.  These additional fields are Transaction Type, Amount Range and Search for Text


Transaction Type 

If you do not wish to limit the transaction type, leave the drop down selection box on the default value, ‘All transactions’. 

The drop down selection box allows you to choose from a range of options depending on the type of account you are searching, including: 

  • all transactions (default)
  • credits only
  • debits only
  • cheques only
  • withdrawals only


Amount Range 

You can choose to further limit the scope of your search by specifying the Amount Range

There are two fields to be entered for the Amount Range a "From" and "To" amount. These fields are optional.  If no value is entered in them the list will return the entire Amount Range.


Search for Text 

You can choose to further limit the scope of your search by specifying key words in the Search for Text field.  

If any text is entered here, the search will return results only where this text is found. For example, if you enter the name of a specific payee the search will only return transactions for this payee.

Actions available:

Button  Action 
Search  To search for transaction that match your esarch criteria. 

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