The Transaction Export function allows transaction information to be exported to external file formats for import into all major personal financial management applications and accounting packages.

To export transaction list:

  1. Search your transaction history by your chosen criteria.
  2. Select Export View or Export All from the Account Details screen.
  3. Select the required Export format (ie. file format) from the drop down box. The export formats to choose from include: 
    1. Bar Delimited Format - this can be easily imported into spreadsheets and many Personal Financial Management packages. It uses the | (bar) character to separate columns.
    2. Comma Delimited Format - a file format that can be readily imported into spreadsheets (such as Microsoft Excel) and many personal financial management packages.
    3. QIF Format (Quicken® Interface Format) - this format can be imported into common accounting packages. The following date options are available:
      1. DD/MM/YYYY
      2. DD/MM/YY
      3. MM/DD/YY
      4. MM/DD/YYYY 

Actions available:

Button Action 
Export Export the transaction list in the selected format
Return Cancel the export and return to the Account Details screen

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