The Add Frequent Payee screen appears after the Add Payee button has been selected on the Payees tab of the Transfers & BPAY® screen.

On this screen you can add a new payee to your Payees list. This list can help you to make regular payments faster by pre-populating some of your payee’s details. This means you do not have to type them in each time.

To add a new payee:

  1. Select the Add Payee button.
  2. Enter a Personalised Payee Name - this could be a name or label that will help you to identify this payee.
  3. Enter the BSB of the payee’s bank - this number identifies the bank, building society or credit union to which the payment will be made. The BSB needs to be 6 digits long. If the payee's account is with BOQ, click the Use BOQs BSB check box and the correct BSB will automatically be entered for you.
  4. Enter the payee’s Account Number - this will be a maximum 9 digits.
  5. Enter the payee’s Account Name - this is the name of the account the funds are being transferred to.
  6. Enter a Reference for the payee - this can be no more then 18 characters. The payee will use this reference to identify your payment.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the account details provided are correct or your payment may be unsuccessful or may be paid to an unintended account.

BOQ does not check that the details you provide are correct (i.e. name and account number match), and relies solely on the account number to process your transaction.

Actions available:

Button name Button action
Add Add the new payee to your Payees list
Cancel Cancel adding the new payee and return to the Payees tab

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