The Enter Payment Details screen appears after the Transfer Money or Pay Payee button has been clicked on the Transfers & BPAY® screen. 

On this screen you can make a payment to another BOQ account or to an account held at another Australian financial institution.

To make a Pay Anyone payment:

  1. Select From Account - use the drop down box to choose the From account you wish to use to make the payment. The list contains all accounts you have registered for access through Internet Banking that allow withdrawals. 
  2. Select To Account - use the drop down box to choose from your previously created payees OR select nothing from the list and enter details of a new payee in the following fields. If an existing payee is chosen their details will pre-populate the Personalised Payee Name, Payee BSB, Payee Account Number, Payee Account Name and Payee Reference fields and you can skip to Step 9 and enter the Payment Amount. 
  3. Enter a Personalised Payee Name - enter a name or label here that will help you to identify this payee, eg: Telstra Home.
  4. Enter the Payee BSB - this is the BSB number of the account the funds are being transferred to. If this is a BOQ account, click the check box marked Use BOQ's BSB to automatically populate the correct BOQ BSB.
  5. Enter the Payee Account Number - this is the number of the account the funds are being transferred to.
  6. Enter the Payee Account Name - this is the name of the account the funds are being transferred to.
  7. Enter a Payee Reference - this can be used by the payee to identify the payment, e.g. Rent, Ticket Money. This label can be up to 18 characters long.
  8. Click the Add to Frequent Payees list checkbox if required. This will store the payee’s BSB, Account Number, Account Name and Payment Label for the next time you wish to pay this payee.
  9. Enter the Payment Amount - type in the dollar and cents value of the payment using the format $$.cc
  10. Select the Payment Frequency - this field will default to a payment frequency of Once Only. Payments can also be scheduled to recur on a regular basis by selecting the required frequency from the drop down box. The payment frequency can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually, four weekly or two monthly.
  11. Enter the Payment Date - this field will default to the current date. If you wish to process this payment at a date in the future, enter that date here.
  12. Click the Request SMS Alert check box if you wish to receive an SMS notification when this payment is processed (for future dated and recurring payments only). The check box will only display if you have activated SMS services for your Internet Banking profile.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the account details you provide are correct or your payment may be unsuccessful or may be paid to an unintended account.

BOQ does not check that the details you provide are correct (i.e. name and account number match), and relies solely on the account number details provided to process your transaction.

Actions available:

Button Action 
Continue Confirm the payment details entered and proceed with the payment
Cancel Cancel the current payment and return to the Transfers & BPAY screen

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