We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, which fuels our innovation and enriches our decision-making abilities by introducing different perspectives and experiences. We believe this helps us achieve better business outcomes. 

We recognise there is no single solution for improving diversity, so we are committed to testing and measuring a range of new initiatives. 

Gender Diversity

To ensure we achieved meaningful change, we initially focused our diversity program on gender. Over the past five years we have set public gender diversity targets, changed our processes, evolved our policies and introduced new development programs. 

We have a family-friendly workplace with paid parental leave and a policy paying superannuation contributions for employees on parental leave. We also have a range of flexible working arrangements, which are promoted and encouraged. This is supported by technology that offers remote access and face-to-face video chat software so our people can collaborate and benefit from working flexibly. 

We have rolled out training for women in leadership and unconscious bias training (including to Board members), and reviewed our recruitment and selection practices. We also now include diversity policy review as part of our vendor selection process. 

In 2017 we extended our flexible working practices to more parts of the business such as our contact centres and branches. We have increased our focus on mentoring and development activities for women, and assessed our remuneration practices through regular gender pay gap analysis. Our gender diversity progress was recognised through our inclusion in the 2017 Bloomberg Financial Gender-Equality Index. 

Our collective efforts have increased the number of women in leadership roles from 25% in February 2013 to 39% in August 2017. This puts us well on track to achieve our target of 50% female representation in our extended leadership team by 2020. Additional measures on our diversity and inclusiveness achievements are available through our non-financial performance table

With momentum building in our efforts to improve our gender diversity, our 2017 financial year presented an opportunity to increase our focus on inclusiveness beyond gender. As part of this, we conducted our first ever diversity census to better understand our workforce composition. 

Indigenous Inclusion

This year we also increased our focus on Indigenous inclusion by holding cultural awareness workshops with employees across the country. We also formalised our commitment to the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by commencing our Reconciliation Action Plan. We mirrored our corporate goals through our community partnership program by launching a national partnership with Clontarf Foundation which aims to reduce Indigenous disadvantage. 

In 2018 we will continue strengthening our diversity and inclusiveness through gender, Indigenous and broader diversity programs.