Merchant requests and downloads

The forms and documents below are for assisting your business with the day to day management of your BOQ merchant solutions. 

If you have any further questions, please contact our Merchant Help Desk on 1800 700 226.

Want to request a change to your BOQ EFTPOS facility?

Request Action

General Maintenance Requests

  • Change of Merchant Details
  • Change of terminals or functionality 


Complete Merchant Services Request form

Close Merchant Facility or Terminals

Please contact your local BOQ branch or phone 1800 700 226 to complete this request.

Request to Add, Change or Delete Surcharge

Complete Merchant Surcharge Request Form form

Refer to for more information on Payment Surcharging

BOQ EFTPOS Guides and references

Guide Contents
Quick Reference Guide

Quick reference guide for your BOQ EFTPOS Terminal.

Fraud Brochure

Disputes, chargebacks and fraud risks associated with operating a merchant facility.

Merchant Operating Guide - IP/Ethernet Countertop VX520

Information on operating the VX520 EFTPOS Terminal.

Merchant Operating Guide - Telstra 3G Mobile VX675

Information on operating the VX675 EFTPOS Terminal.

BOQ EFTPOS Terms and Conditions

Documents Contents
Merchant Facility Terms & Conditions - Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing means the card schemes interchange fee and BOQ service fee are charged as one fee.

Merchant Facility Terms & Conditions - Interchange Plus Interchange Plus pricing means the card schemes interchange fee and BOQ service fee are charged separately.

We can also help with:

Payment Solutions and Billing

Solutions for customer payments and the processing of large amounts of transactions.

  • BPAY Billing for easy collection
  • Direct Debit Facilities to get paid automatically
  • Direct Credit Facilities to assist with salary payments or large quantities

Merchant Solutions

Accept card payments from your customers... anywhere, anytime.

  • Online
  • In store
  • Over the Phone
  • On the Go