Are your contact details up to date?

With PayID and faster payments coming to BOQ later in the year, it’s important to keep your mobile and email details current.


  • Is BOQ participating in the New Payments Platform?

    The New Payments Platform is an exciting development in facilitating the introduction of faster payments in Australia. 

    BOQ is intending to participate in the Scheme later in the year and will be able to provide more information about enablement of customer and/or settlement accounts closer to that time.  Until then, payments should continue as per current arrangements.

  • What is a PayID?

    A PayID is a new way to send a payment to a payee. Rather than use a BSB and Account Number, you can use a mobile phone number, email address or ABN. 

    You will be able to link your own PayID to your BOQ account.

  • When can I register my PayID with BOQ?

    BOQ is intending to make this service available for customers later in the year.