At a glance

$ 0
Account keeping fees
Free access to over 10,000 ATMs including rediATMs, our preferred ATM network and some other Australian bank's ATMs*
$ 0
Minimum deposits

Why choose our Day2Day Plus Account

The Day2Day Plus Account® is the everyday account with no monthly fees that frees you to live the way you want, each and every day.

Free ATM withdrawals

Free withdrawals at all rediATMs and some other Australian bank's ATMs*

Unlimited transactions

Unlimited cheques, withdrawals, BOQ balance enquiries, funds transfer and BPAY transactions

No minimum monthly deposit or balance

Deposit as much or as little as you want anytime, into your everyday account

Everyday account access

Easy online and in-branch access when you need it

Visa Debit Card

Shop online, in-store, in Australia and overseas with your Visa Debit Card


Keep your fees to a minimum with our no monthly fee bank account.*

Fee Type Fee Amount

Account Maintenance Fee


Monthly Card Fee (Visa Debit)


Teller Withdrawals


Cheques Written


BOQ Balance Enquiry






Funds Transfer


Single/Multi pay anyone


* Other fees (including other bank ATM and International Transaction fees) and charges may be payable. Please view the Fees and Charges Guide below for more details.

Applying online


Check your eligibility

You must be:

  • A citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Fourteen (14) years of age or over to apply in branch or online 
  • Eleven (11) years of age or over to apply in branch, when accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Applying for a personal account and not in the name of a business or trust
  • There should be no more than two account holders for this account

If you’re a new BOQ Customer

If you’re an existing BOQ Customer

It will take 10 minutes to complete your application. You can also save and resume at a later date if needed.

Step 1. Log on to Internet Banking

Step 2. Select "New Accounts" tab in the left hand navigation column.

Step 3. Select “Open Day2Day Plus Account®" on the New Accounts page.

Important information

For important information on the Day2Day Plus Account, view the Terms and Conditions.

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