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    The premium card with higher spending limits and comprehensive travel insurance.

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    Features and benefits

    Take out a BOQ Platinum Visa Credit Card before 31 August 2016 and you'll receive: 

    • 0% p.a. on balances transferred for 12 months. Balances transferred up to 80% of your credit limit reverting to the Cash advance rate thereafter1
    • Plus, half annual fee for the life of the card, currently only $99.2

    Features include:

    • 2 Points for every dollar spent with Q Rewards®
    • Concierge service - like having your very own personal assistant on hand 24 hours a day.
    • International travel insurance* - for everything from medical expenses to lost luggage
    • Higher levels of Purchase Cover Insurance* - on most new items you're covered against loss, theft or damage for three months
    • Extended warranty* - up to one year
    • Priority 24-hour customer service on a dedicated Platinum card enquiries line
    • $1,000 daily cash advance limit through ATMs

    We've got you covered


    Complimentary International Travel Insurance*  

    Purchase your overseas travel tickets with your Platinum Visa card and you and your family may be covered for medical expenses, trip cancellation due to unexpected circumstances, loss or theft of personal items and more. 


    Complimentary Purchase Cover Insurance*  

    If items are lost, stolen or damaged anywhere in the world within 90 days of purchase on your Platinum Visa card, they may be repaired, replaced, rebuilt or reinstated, free of charge if you make a claim within 21 days. 


    Extended Warranty Insurance*  

    Generally, the manufacturer's warranty period is doubled, up to 12 months, when you purchase items with your Platinum Visa card. 


    Interstate Flight Inconvenience Insurance*  

    Purchase your travel tickets with your Platinum Visa card and you may be covered for events like flight delays, cancellations, baggage delays and personal item damage. 


    Guaranteed Pricing Scheme*  

    Guaranteed Pricing Scheme enables you to receive a refund of the price difference when you purchase in-store and then see the same product advertised at a lower price in a catalogue from a store within 25kms of the store from where the covered products were purchased, you can claim the difference within 60 days if the price difference is greater than $75, up to $500 and the product hasn't been purchased online.  


    Transit Accident Insurance*  

    Purchase your overseas travel tickets with your Platinum Visa card and you and your family may receive up to $500,000 if you were to sustain a fatal injury as a passenger whilst travelling. 

    For more information on complimentary credit card insurance, please read the Description of Complimentary Credit Card Insurance Cover.

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    Important information

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