Credit Card Interest Rates


Annual fee 

Annual percentage rate
(% p.a.) - Purchases

Annual percentage rate
(% p.a.) - Cash

Interest-free days on purchases 1 

Q Rewards®2  

Platinum Visa Card




Up to 55 days

2 points per $1

Low Rate Visa Card  




Up to 55 days

Not Applicable

Blue Visa Card




Up to 44 days

1 point per $1

Home Loan Privileges Package3 




Up to 55 days

1 point per $1 (Blue Visa Card)

2 points per $1 (Platinum Visa Card)


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This information is for general information purposes only. These rates are subject to change at any time. Details of our current rates may be obtained at any branch of Bank of Queensland, or contact us at our Customer Contact Centre.


1The maximum interest free period applies when you pay your balance off in full for two consecutive months. If you carry a balance on your credit card from month to month the interest-free period does not apply and you are charged interest once you make a purchase. There is no interest free period for cash advance or balance transfers.  

2 Q Rewards® are subject to the BOQ Q Rewards® Terms and Conditions. Q Rewards® points are not earned on cash advances, balance transfers and certain other transactions. Q Rewards® Points never expire while the card remains open and is not in arrears. 

3An annual package fee of $395 is payable. All applications must meet approval guidelines on all products to qualify for the package. Benefits cannot be taken in conjunction with or in addition to any other packages, negotiated interest rates or special offers.