We’re Here for You: BOQ Group Ready to Support Customers Affected by Lockdowns

Thursday, 1 July 2021

With a significant number of residents in NSW enduring a strict two week lockdown, and other states entering snap lockdowns, BOQ Group is committed and ready to assist customers and businesses who are financially impacted or worried about the knock-on effects and need help.

Financial support available to eligible customers affected by a lockdown can include:

  • The ability to defer mortgage and/or loan repayments for a short period;
  • The option to make Interest Only repayments for a short period;
  • Special arrangements in relation to arrears;
  • Early access to Term Deposit funds with wavier of redemption fee; and
  • Waiver of other fees and charges related to non-payment.

To support small and medium businesses impacted by a lockdown, eligible existing business customers will have access to a low interest rate business loan of up to $5 million through the Federal Government’s SME recovery loan scheme.

For new and existing business customers who wish to take advantage of heavily discounted rates, BOQ Group is offering fixed rates from 2.39% for two years, to continue supporting the growth of the economy[1].

BOQ customers are encouraged to contact our Customer Assistance team on 1800 079 866 for priority support, or visit any BOQ branch, which will be open during any lockdown periods and following strict COVD-19 safety protocols.

While BOQ branches will be open to serve customers, employees who can work from home have been encouraged to do so. The BOQ Group has also announced vaccination leave, an initiative introduced to assist those who choose to be vaccinated. Eligible BOQ Group employees who wish to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations are eligible for two half days of paid leave under this new scheme. 


[1] Available for a limited time for new residential secured lending with a minimum loan amount of $200,000 and a maximum of $3 million, and a Loan-to-Value ratio up to 80%. The fixed rate discount will apply until the end of your fixed term or until you request us to vary the loan. Fixed rate discount is not available to self-managed super funds, or on refinance of, or an increase to, existing BOQ facilities.