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Currencies available
Acceptance at millions of stores, online and ATMs worldwide^
Global Wi-Fi for 3 months**

Why choose a Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard?

Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard

Mastercard Cash Passport Platinum is a pre-paid, travel money card that enables you to load up to 11 currencies on one card, and use in shops, online or ATMs globally everywhere Mastercard is accepted. It is a safer and smarter way to carry cash.

Load up to 11 currencies

Choose any combination of Australian dollars, Great British pounds [Sterling], US dollars, Euros, New Zealand dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Singaporean dollars, Thai Baht, Canadian dollars, Japanese yen and Arab Emirate Dirham.

Instant cash transfer

Instant transfer from your Cash Passport to another Cash Passport issued in Australia or New Zealand in available currencies. 

Free global Wi-Fi

3 months free global Wi-Fi for all new Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard via Boingo~.    

ATM withdrawals

Access local currencies without having to carry cash by withdrawing from ATMs.

Not linked to your bank account

Enjoy peace of mind knowing if you lose your card, your money back home will remain safe.    

On the go access

Manage your travel money on the go via My Account.

Security features

When you purchase a Cash Passport Platinum Card you can request an additional card at the initial load for a small fee (your use only). Your second card is connected to the same pool of funds, which is especially useful in the unlikely event that your first card is lost or stolen. This means that the lost card can be suspended and our team is ready to replace your card or organise emergency cash access.##

Loading your card

Load or top-up your prepaid travel card online, anywhere, anytime. Shop with confidence knowing exactly how much you have to spend, or simply load more funds with the advantage of locked-in exchange rates*. Load up to 11 currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, SGD, JPY, THB, HKD, AED, AUD.  Your card is valid for 5 years which means you can continue using your card for your next holiday.

Global emergency assistance 24/7

Our global emergency assistance is only a call away whenever and wherever you are. Our team can help suspend or replace your card or organise emergency cash access. 

  • Toll-free number (Australia, 1800 098 231)
  • Toll-free number (International (+44207 6499 404)

For more information, refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Fees and charges

We charge a flat $15.00 for loads and re-loads. More information on the fees and limits are provided in the Product Disclosure Statement below.

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Ready to apply?

Step 1.

You can purchase the Cash Passport Platinum Card over the counter almost instantly#. Please ensure you have an Australian Drivers license or Passport for identification purposes.

Step 2.

Important information

For important information on the Cash Passport Card, view the Terms and Conditions.

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