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We recognise that problem gambling is an issue faced by a growing number of people in our community. When you tell us about your personal situation, we can offer help with controlling your spend on gambling and confidentially connect you with specialist external support and counselling services.


BOQ gambling restriction

Gambling activities can provide entertainment for many people. However, for some people gambling can become difficult to control, which may lead to financial hardship. 

At your request, BOQ can apply gambling restrictions for a minimum of 6 months to your Visa debit card which will decline transactions that come to us for authorisation registered under the merchant category code ‘Betting/Casino Gambling’.

If you have a BOQ Credit Card, gambling restrictions are automatically applied to your card, which cannot be removed.

Apply a gambling restriction

To apply a gambling restriction to your Visa debit card, you need to:

  • Visit your local branch or call our contact centre on 1300 557 272.
  • Let our team member know that you want to apply a gambling restriction to your debit card. We’ll apply the restriction for you and discuss any other options to support you.
  • You can ask us to remove a gambling restriction once at least 3 months has passed since it was applied. If you don’t ask us to remove it, the restriction will remain on your card.

Support is close at hand

While we can support you with your banking needs, you may wish to seek independent, holistic support for problem gambling. Gambling Help Online provides free, confidential support for anyone affected by gambling. 

Gambling help online

While we can support you with your banking needs, you may wish to seek independent, holistic support for problem gambling.

Gambling Help Online provides free, confidential support for anyone affected by gambling. You can chat to a trained counsellor online by visiting gamblinghelponline.org.au.

Speak to a counsellor

You can also speak to a counsellor by calling Gambler’s Helpline on 1800 858 858.

Is English a second language

If English isn’t your first language, and you’d like help contacting Gambling Help Online, you can call the telephone Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) on 131 450, let them know your preferred language, and ask them to contact. Gambling Help Online on 1800 858 858 on your behalf. TIS National is completely free of charge. 

Gambling restriction FAQs

  • How does a gambling restriction work?

    When you use your debit card, BOQ can identify most gambling-related transactions based on merchant data. If a gambling restriction has been applied, we will attempt to block transactions that come to us for authorisation and that are identified as a gambling merchant.

    It is important to know that:

    • The merchant data we rely on is provided by merchants to their own financial institutions. This may mean that we are unable to block a transaction related to gambling because the merchant code is not correct.
    • Some non-gambling related transactions may, at times, also be blocked. For example, purchasing food or drinks at a gambling venue.
    • We’re unable to block transactions that don’t come to us for authorisation. You’ll be responsible for these, even if they relate to gambling.
  • Are all gambling transactions restricted?

    There are instances in which we won’t be able to identify your purchase as a gambling transaction. This may be because of the merchant category of the business you are purchasing from or a reason such as:

    • processing a recurring transaction that you have previously authorised
    • EFTPOS or bank systems are off-line, interrupted, or unavailable
    • you make a payment using BPAY or to withdraw cash from an ATM
    • we don’t receive the transaction for authorisation
    • system outages
  • Can a gambling restriction be removed?

    Yes, you can remove a gambling restriction from your Visa debit card if the following conditions are met:

    • You are the cardholder.
    • You are over 18 years old. 
    •  It has been at least 6 months since a gambling restriction was added to your card.
    • You contact us to request the restriction to be removed from your card. 

    Gambling restrictions on BOQ credit cards are automatically applied and cannot be removed. 

  • When is a gambling restriction applied automatically?

    A gambling restriction is applied automatically if the cardholder is under 18 years old. Automatic gambling restrictions also apply to all BOQ credit cards.

  • Can a joint account holder activate a gambling restriction?

    For a joint account, each card is independent and only the individual cardholder can authorise the gambling restriction for their card. We cannot take instructions relating to gambling restrictions from joint account holders.