Our payment and billing solutions


Whether you need to offer customers a range of payment solutions or you need to process a large volume of transactions, BOQ has a payment solution to suit your business.

Our BPAY Biller facility, direct credit and direct debit facilities are designed to process your payments quickly and easily.

BPAY Biller Facility

A BOQ BPAY Biller facility is recommended for all business customers needing to collect payments on invoices issued.

BPAY Benefits

  • Cleared funds overnight, with no chance of dishonoured cheques
  • Same day value for all payments received
  • Assists you in the reduction of late payments from your customers
  • Reduces your accounting requirements 
  • Customers can pay from their transaction or savings account, cheque account or credit card
  • Daily payment files, allowing for easy reconciliation of funds and payment information with no associated charge backs
  • Makes life easier and more convenient for your customers by allowing them to pay bills at any time via internet or phone banking

Direct Debit Facility

A Direct Debit facility is recommended for business customers who need to collect payments direct from customer bank accounts.


Direct Debit benefits

  • Reduced administration time as the creation of an electronic file is generally more efficient than the handling of cheques or other bank deposit methods
  • Reduced transaction fees compared to the cost of accepting and clearing individual customer cheques and credit card payments
  • Improved cash flow as you receive payments quicker with fewer outstanding debtors
  • No special software required as files can be created via BOQ Internet Banking

Direct Credit Facility

A Direct Credit facility is recommended for all business customers who need to cut down on paperwork when dealing with salary or creditor payments.

Direct Credit benefits

  • More convenient for the beneficiary as payment is received as clear funds
  • More cost effective than issuing cheques
  • Saves time as payment files can generally be created by most accounting and payroll software
  • No special software required as files can be created via BOQ Internet Banking

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