Why BOQ Online Share Trading?

We’ve teamed up with CMC Markets Stockbroking to bring you BOQ Trading. BOQ Trading allows you to buy and sell shares online using our intuitive and advanced trading platform.

Because BOQ Trading is powered by CMC Markets Stockbroking, you get competitive brokerage, free conditional orders and sub one second order processing on Australia’s most reliable trading platform. In fact, the latest Investment Trends survey shows that the CMC Markets Stockbroking platform has the highest customer satisfaction rating among frequent traders.#

Features and benefits

Improved functionality

The BOQ Online Share Trading website features improved navigation and functionality including a new menu, extra research tools at no extra cost and the ability to view your balance and holdings at a glance.

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mFund service

The mFund service via the ASX is now available for BOQ Online Share Trading users. mFund offers an electronic processing service that allows Australian investors to use an ASX broker to buy and sell units in unlisted managed funds.

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Low brokerage fees

Trade shares online from just $17.95 if you settle using a BOQ Money Market Deposit Account**

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Linked orders

A system that allows you to use Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders to help improve your risk management by applying entry and exit strategies.

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Click to refresh

With our (live) click to refresh market data service you will receive live ASX price feeds free of charge. Alternatively you can opt for our Dynamic Data Service (see our Financial Services Guide for details).


Unlimited free conditional orders

Take greater control of your share trading with free conditional orders (usual brokerage applies if the trade is executed).

Focus on reliability

Our streamlined website platform is designed as the most efficient way to trade with us. Our customer service and qualified DTR (Designated Trading Representative) dealing team is on hand to place your order over the phone. Both our platform reliability and telephone customer service had top ratings in the Investment Trends 2010 First Half Online Broking Report.#

Investment education

As a BOQ Trading customer, you’ll have online access to Investing IQ to reinforce the basics and new webinars to sharpen your skills.

One second processing

Straight-through processing gets your order to the market typically less than one second after it’s received by our website.

BOQ Trading Forms

For all terms and conditions and the full suite of trading documents, View BOQ Trading Forms.

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