What we do

At BOQ, we are dedicated to building relationships with our customers based on trust and transparency.

To help advocate for our customers, we have appointed a dedicated Customer Advocate who operates independently from our business operations.

BOQ's Office of the Customer Advocate is here to be the voice of our customers, ensuring they are listened to, understood and treated fairly. We help the Bank make better decisions and provide challenge to ensure processes, products and practices are fair for customers.  

    Meet your Customer Advocate

    Ben Griffin is your Customer Advocate. Ben and his team operate across the entire BOQ Group with a particular focus on:

    Facilitating fair outcomes with a focus on making things easier

    Practically, this means:

    • Providing advice, support and recommendations to BOQ Group on matters relating to customers;
    • Engaging with business areas across BOQ Group to influence the design, delivery and review of products and services; and
    • Design and delivery of the BOQ Group customer vulnerability strategy. 

    Identifying opportunities to improve the Bank’s products, services, systems and processes

    Practically, this means:

    • Conducting thematic review of customer outcomes;
    • Conducting reviews of BOQ Group products, services and systems; and
    • Engaging directly with customers and the community to better understand their expectations of BOQ Group.

    Advocacy and insights to deliver fairness for customers that align with community expectations

    Practically, this means:

    • Providing input and challenge internally to ensure the fairness of and integrity of decisions and practices that relate to customers;
    • Working collaboratively with industry bodies, community groups and customers to better understand their experiences, expectations and needs; and
    • Assisting the Bank to make better decisions by listening to the voice of customers with lived experience, different perspectives and data.

    Supporting BOQ Group customers experiencing vulnerability

    Practically, this means:

    • Being available to all BOQ Group employees to seek a second opinion, advice and support when assisting a customer with complex needs;
    • Developing and delivering processes, procedures, products and training aimed at improving BOQ's support for customers experiencing vulnerability; and
    • Building strong relationships with community organisations, including financial counsellors, to better understand the experiences of customers experiencing vulnerability.

    The complaints process

    The Customer Advocate exists to help with issues that impact customers generally and will not usually be involved in individual customer complaints or disputes. If you have a complaint or concern, our Customer Relations team are available to assist you. Please visit the feedback-and-complaints page, which provides information on how we can assist you with your complaint. It also includes information on how you can raise your issue with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). AFCA provides a free, independent external dispute resolution process.


    Help and Support

    BOQ is here to support you during difficult times, because we know life doesn’t always go to plan. If you are concerned about your financial position and feel that you are or will be unable to meet your financial obligations, we may be able to assist you. 

    For more information, go to:

    Financial Difficulty

    Managing unplanned life moments