BOQ Group’s support for floods

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

To support the unfolding emergency, BOQ Group today announced it will donate $25,000 to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) which will support the State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers in response and recovery efforts on the ground in flood affected areas.

BOQ Group CEO and Managing Director, George Frazis, said: “As a proud Queensland company, it’s in our DNA to come together to support our community when facing adversity.

“In a short period of time, I’ve heard countless personal stories of heart wrenching experiences these floods have caused, and we’ve seen the impact firsthand to our branches and office in Newstead.

“We’re extremely grateful for the tireless and selfless work of the volunteers to keeping Queenslanders safe during these times and we hope this donation provides much needed help to people with the recovery from this disaster,” Mr Frazis said.

QFES Deputy Commissioner, Mike Wassing, said: “QFES is very appreciative of donations like this following these significant events.

“This donation from BOQ will further assist us in delivering valuable equipment, training and support to our volunteers as they assist the Queensland community,” Mr Wassing said.

For BOQ Group customers impacted by the extreme weather events across Queensland and NSW, the bank has activated its Emergency Fast Track Relief assistance. The Fast Track process provides urgent access to support, where eligible customers can discuss financial relief which may be available including:

  • 90 day deferral of loan repayments (i.e. Home Loans, Business Loans, Personal Loans)which may be capitalised to the loan over the remaining term;
  • Waiver of fees associated with transactions relating to the financial difficulty assistance;
  • Early release of funds held in customer Term Deposits (including waiver of fee); or
  • Temporary overdrafts for transactional accounts.

Emergency Fast Track Relief assistance is available for eligible customers across the BOQ Group, including BOQ, BOQ Finance, BOQ Specialist, Virgin Money Australia and ME Bank2.

BOQ Group also offers paid Natural Disaster Leave and Community service leave for employees directly impacted by the floods or who wish to volunteer with emergency services organisation involved in managing the floods.

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