BOQ extends support to Head Start Homes to help solve homelessness crisis

Bank of Queensland is helping more Queenslanders into a home through its latest community partnership with not-for-profit Head Start Homes (HSH).

HSH provides access to practical financial products and free financial literacy Empowerment Services that support renters achieve their homeownership dreams. Each household can access up to 60 hours of Empowerment Services, including budgeting tools and resources as well as a dedicated support person for one-to-one assistance throughout their entire home ownership journey.

Bank of Queensland Group Chief Risk Officer David Watts said the bank is proud to be working with HSH’s empowerment services to reach an additional 14 households and 42 individual beneficiaries across Queensland.

“As a home-grown Queensland bank, we are committed to helping more Queenslanders open the door to their first home.

“Head Start Homes is already making a difference and with increasing homelessness and housing affordability challenges in Queensland there is strong demand for their services. People living in social or other affordable housing face many barriers to breaking into the property market and through this partnership we will be helping to set them up for success.

“Home ownership is more than financial security – it’s also the stability, security, and sense of belonging that comes with it. We are looking forward to building on this partnership into the future.”

Head Start Homes Founder and Managing Director, Stephen Woodlands, said they are proud to be working with BOQ to create more opportunities for homeownership.

"Experiencing a form of homelessness as a child taught me the fundamental importance of the social housing system as a vital safety net. But I am also very aware of the disincentives and barriers it can present, making the dream of homeownership feel impossible. 

"I genuinely believe everyone can have equal access to homeownership. To date, our Empowerment Services have helped more than 50 families expand their financial literacy and helped six households to purchase their own home. 

“By partnering with BOQ, we will be helping even more Australians to realise their dreams. Not only are we helping people access stability and a roof over their heads, but we’re also freeing up social housing for families who are currently on long waiting lists.”

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About Head Start Homes

With our vision for a safe and stable home for everyone with fair and practical pathways to home ownership, Head Start Homes is advancing a more equitable home ownership system by disrupting homelessness, intergenerational poverty and cycles of disadvantage.

We achieve this by providing innovative products and services that empower our clients to achieve their home ownership dreams and exit rental accommodation. To be eligible, clients must meet income thresholds or live in social or affordable housing. Most of our clients are single mums, First Nations Peoples or households with a disability.

With the support of more than 100 businesses, government agencies and charities, we foster innovation and collaboration to achieve our vision. We are accredited as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt community service organisation.