Former Student From The Clontarf Trinity Bay Academy Joins BOQ Smithfield

Recently, Marcus Sevallos, a former student of the Clontarf Trinity Bay Academy, joined far north Queensland branch, BOQ Smithfield as a Branch Administration Officer.

We chatted to Marcus about his time with the Clontarf Academy and BOQ Smithfield, and Janette Burberry, the Owner Manager of BOQ Smithfield, about her experiences with the Clontarf Foundation.

Janette has been the Owner Manager of BOQ Smithfield for 11 years, and has over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance industry.

Marcus Sevallos attended the Clontarf Trinity Bay Academy for year 11 and 12, which assisted him in gaining future employment within the finance industry, including a trainee placement with a local bank and a full-time position with BOQ Smithfield.

Janette has been working with the Clontarf Trinity Bay Academy for the past two years, so when the opportunity arose to employ Marcus, she was more than happy to offer him a position.

As for the future, well, Marcus wants to continue to grow his experience within the banking and finance industry and hopefully develop a career in finance.

We wish Marcus all the best with BOQ Smithfield!